Give to Those in Need


Ever wonder where your old couch or office chair ends up when you throw it away? The truth is that most landfills are packed to the brim with items that could have easily gone to others in need. If you're looking to get rid of furniture or appliances that can still be used, The Junk Brothers will make sure they end up in the right hands.

Our team will handle everything from start to finish. Simply make an appointment and relax while we do all the heavy lifting. Junk removal never felt so good.

Call 267-885-9681 today to get started. We're fully insured and offer free estimates.


Donating old furniture and appliances is incredibly simple and convenient. But there are still a few rules for you to keep in mind. Here are a few pointers:

•  Always make sure your furniture or appliances are in working condition
•  Check your furniture for personal items that may be hiding in the cushions
•  Don't include mattresses, as they're often not allowed due to sanitary concerns

Anything that would require significant cleaning or repair might not be donatable. If you're unsure if your furniture or appliance would qualify, speak with us today. We're proud to donate, repurpose, and recycle up to 80% of the items we handle.